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We connect you to licensed financial lawyers who assist you throughout the foreclosure process by helping you with several banking documents, including mortgages and loans. 

Our skilled lawyers ensure that your lender has followed the state laws when collecting loans and if you actually owe them one in the first place. 

At Foreclosure Attorney Jacksonville FL we seek to protect your property and offer quality services to help you through the foreclosure defense. Here’s how our financial lawyers assist you during the process:

They Know the Law​

One of the biggest reasons to hire a financial lawyer during the foreclosure process is that they understand the laws that govern mortgages, foreclosures, and contracts. 

Of course, a homeowner does not know the legal actions involved in foreclosing matters, which makes things difficult for them. 

Our lawyers at Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyers have demonstrated their skill time and again through client success stories. The foreclosure laws keep evolving, but our attorneys stay on top of all the legal changes to simplify the process for you.

Help With Loan Modification

When you miss or delay mortgage payments, your lender can – if you get lucky – make significant changes in your loan terms. Lenders use different ways to modify loans, but the primary focus is to prevent foreclosure. 

It allows you to stay in your property and prevents the lender’s expense of repossessing and selling your house. However, loan modification is not a straightforward process. 

You need to demonstrate a genuine issue that caused you to fall behind with the payments, and it is not easy to lure your lender into believing you. 

However, a financial lawyer can take the loan modification process into their hands and make it successful. At Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyers, we connect you to knowledgeable attorneys that make loan modification possible for you. 

Assist With Bankruptcy

A lawyer may file for a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy depending on your situation. Typically, chapter 13 involves a repayment plan that allows you to repay all or some of your loan over 3-5 years. This chapter reduces your overall monthly payments. 

However, you need to fit into the following criteria to qualify for the chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan: 

  • You should be employed (or have a regular income source).
  • Your total secured loan should be under $1,184,200.
  • Your total unsecured loan should be less than $394,725.

This implies that bankruptcy is not an easy procedure, and you need a professional attorney to assist you through the process. Though you can go for a bankruptcy lawyer when choosing this route, a financial lawyer is almost mandatory when filing for bankruptcy. 

If a financial lawyer has specialized in bankruptcy, it’s the cherry on top. 

They can advise you on what legal obligations follow both options (chapters 7 and 13).

File a Notice of Appearance

Your financial attorney files a notice of appearance (NOA) that tells the court and the lender that a lawyer represents you. After filing the NOA, all the communication regarding your loan and other related documents happens between your financial lawyer and the court. 

This makes your life easier and stress-free. 

If you go for a financial lawyer, you won’t even need to act as the middleman between your attorney and the lender. The attorney takes care of everything on your behalf. 

Attend Settlement Conferences on Your Behalf

Your financial lawyer plays a crucial role in attending settlement conferences because foreclosure is about missed payments and the loan you owe. 

While you can do it yourself, a professional attorney knows the pros and cons of each situation and can present factual claims. The lawyer keeps your situation in mind and advocates for making the foreclosure less stressful for you. 

Besides, settlement conferences are not easy-to-attend. Sharp-witted lenders will offer settlement options that’ll be in their best interests. 

Of course, they do not care about you but their payment. An attorney, however, analyzes the heart of the matter and tries their best to make decisions that favor you.  

Use Foreclosure Defense Strategies

A financial lawyer specializing in foreclosure offers the best and the most effective foreclosure strategies. Their years of training have taught them to observe where the lender lacks the standing to foreclose. 

They use their in-depth knowledge to develop valid arguments and challenge the foreclosure process. A wrong mortgage assignment may include unjust lending practices or other similar errors that can save your property from foreclosing. 

Check Lender Mistakes

If a lender has committed an error on your loan documents, a financial lawyer is smart enough to point that out. In fact, it is one of the reasons that made foreclosure defense successful for our past clients. 

Simply put, lenders do make mistakes in loan documents. The common ones include the following: 

  • The lender used an inappropriate declaration. 
  • The lender did not adhere to state laws. If proven right, the court forces the bank to start over. 
  • The lender didn’t give you enough time to make your first missed payment (generally, the lender must give the time of 30 days in the Notice of Default for you to make mortgage payments).
  • Foreclosing entity couldn’t prove that you owe them a loan. 
  • A mistake was made during the loan servicing. An error in the amount you have to pay to reinstate a mortgage is perhaps not minor or the one to be overlooked. 

Offer Genuine Advice

The Foreclosure Attorney Jacksonville Locals Can Depend On!

There are several routes you can take when undergoing foreclosure. With no experience in handling foreclosure matters, perhaps you cannot explore the feasible options that would favor you during the process. 

An attorney, however, presents different situations to you, discusses their benefits and demerits, and determines which one is best suited to your situation. You are paying them after all, and they are obliged to protect your property and give the best advice. 

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